Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just Started Blogging

Heard a lot about blogs and its only now that I have started to write for myself online. Thought otherwise I would lose touch with the trend. And ofcourse because I love to write. This might read boring right now but soon I will catch up to be more interesting. As I can already see a lot of people writing interesting stuff out there.

The recession has taken toll of all and everyone is feeling the heat more or less, this way I dont have much to work on right now. Possibly this would also lead to more blogging as ppl will hv more time to blog and its a pretty good way to vent your thoughts.

As for me, I am a professional content writer and meager editor with a magazine. Hardly working but really ambitious, fearless, confident and a lady with sane mind, brimming with logic and creativity. Enough of boasting I guess. Oh and I forgot to mention am a smart lazybones too.
This part was just to introduce myself so that if anyone at all is reading this, can relate to erratic things that I am going to write here. For now I think this much content contends me. Will get back as soon as I have some weird thoughts bubbling up in my mind.