Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Onset of Summer

This is what I felt yesterday evening when I went out to take a stroll. Being a nature lover, I am quite often inspired by nature to write and express my feelings in words. Walking past the rustling leaves lying in stacks, I could see that a lot of trees have unloaded themselves off the old stuff. A few still look happy getting rid of whatever left. This is what autumn seems like in India (at least in Bangalore, which is rich in flora). And here, autumn is just the beginning of summer, which marks a new beginning.

Its a much relief to me as, having all sorts of breathing problems, inhaling the cold air is a constant exercise in winters. The air is much lighter and easy to breathe. Sounds are clearer and the aromas in the air more pronounced. It tastes and smells 'lukewarm' as much as it feels one. The chirping sounds of kids running around, sound like they have just been released from some spell. Suddenly the place seems full of life. Warmth marks life. Cold is stone. Summer is welcome...