Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just Started Blogging

Heard a lot about blogs and its only now that I have started to write for myself online. Thought otherwise I would lose touch with the trend. And ofcourse because I love to write. This might read boring right now but soon I will catch up to be more interesting. As I can already see a lot of people writing interesting stuff out there.

The recession has taken toll of all and everyone is feeling the heat more or less, this way I dont have much to work on right now. Possibly this would also lead to more blogging as ppl will hv more time to blog and its a pretty good way to vent your thoughts.

As for me, I am a professional content writer and meager editor with a magazine. Hardly working but really ambitious, fearless, confident and a lady with sane mind, brimming with logic and creativity. Enough of boasting I guess. Oh and I forgot to mention am a smart lazybones too.
This part was just to introduce myself so that if anyone at all is reading this, can relate to erratic things that I am going to write here. For now I think this much content contends me. Will get back as soon as I have some weird thoughts bubbling up in my mind.


srijith sharma said...

Atlast, Deepti Ahuja Balani has started blogging. It is a joyous moment for me. Deepti, one of the most creative persons I have ever met will be now scriblling down her thoughts, imaginations, dreams and feelings here. I am sure that her magical words will bring enticing moments to the minds of the readers. Deepti is someone filled with enthusiasm, energy, elegance and sumptuousness,someone who dreams of a world filled with happiness, pleasure and peace. Like any poet or a literary artist, her works are also reflections of her inner desires and feelings. As someone who have knows the poetic talence and writing skills of this beautiful 'New Age Emily Dickinson' I am confident that my dear friend is going to make it big in the field of writing with in a short time. Let the almighty shower creative oppulence and literary pulchritude to Deepti Ahuja Balani, with the help of which she will be able to gift the world a lot of magical works from time to time. Wishing my good special friend all the best for her future.

Deepti said...

Thanks for boosting my confidence Srijith, hope I improve with time and write better blogs that will interest people.